For Immediate Release: May 9, 2017
Press Contacts : [Spanish] Jorge Baron (206) 957-8609; Jorge@nwirp.org
Victoria Mena (352) 562-1386; Victoria@colectivalegal.org

DIAL 1-844-RAID-REP (1-844-724-3737)

someone calls the hotline, volunteers will ask questions about the incident to collect as much details as possible. Including, what did the agents uniforms look like? What markings were on the vehicles? Callers will also be provided with information regarding resources available for those individuals detained by ICE or Border Patrol agents. “We see too many people come into our offices after an ICE encounter has left them shaken,” states estrepo, “Our hope is that community members will save this number: 1-844-RAID-REP (1-844-724-3737) in their contacts list so they can call as soon as possible to report these actions.”
“Given our current social and political reality and the fear it engenders for immigrants, refugees, and other marginalized populations, it’s easy to feel paralyzed despite an honest desire to stand in solidarity,” said Reverend Staci Imes, a pastor with the Woodland Park Presbyterian Church in Seattle and one of the volunteers staffing the hotline. “The 844-RAID-REP Hotline is a tangible way to say ‘we’re standing with you’. I can’t volunteer in person very often, but I can wake up a little early a few times a week and be available by phone—it’s not much, but I can do that. Hopefully, the hotline will be one way to give  people who are scared and in crisis a place to turn while also providing legal service providers with the information they need to provide vital assistance.”

Organizations across the state have joined the network to collaborate on these efforts, and build a united front to melt ICE in Washington.The hotline is one of the many rapid response tools that the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network is developing. Other resources, rolling out soon, include a text message alert system, a phone app, and on the ground trainings for community preparedness and rapid response.


The WA Immigrant Solidarity Network is a rapidly forming coalition of immigrant and refugee rights organizations, ally groups and individuals, demanding justice, value and acceptance of immigrants and refugees in the Evergreen State, and across the world.

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